20-21 Weeks

The past two weeks have been a little crazy.  We found out we are having a boy!  So now I have my little workout buddy with me everyday!

Week 20

Sunday - 3x7 Reps OH Squat, Front Squat, Back Squat

Monday - Press

Tuesday/Wednesday Rest Days

Thursday - KB Class

Friday - Monday - Florida


Week 21

Tuesday - 10 Min. AMRAP of 30 Double Unders/15 55# Power Snatches - just under 3 rounds - this was tough for me, I had been off for a few days and the weight actually felt heavy. 

Wednesday - rested - took Maggie for a long walk

Thursday - 3x3 OH Squats at 65#s/7 Min. AMRAP of Knees 2 Elbows, Jumping Squats, and KB Swings - 7 Rounds....That night - 250 Meter Row/20 Step-ups/250 Meter Row/20 push-ups/250 MEter Row/20 Step-ups/250 Meter Row/20 Push-ups

Friday - 15 Min. AMRAP of 9 Deadlifts (used a KB), 12 Push-ups, 15 Step-ups - 10 Rounds

My belly is starting to make push-ups a little challenging!