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Are you sick of the same old thing day in and day out at your current gym? Tired of putting in hard work and not seeing the results you want? Or simply want to make a change and start living a healthier, happier lifestyle? Get down to Uncle Sam Athletics and start your FREE week trial membership now! No cost and no commitments for your first week of unlimited classes! Our evidence-based approach to group training is guaranteed to get you feeling better, moving better, and seeing results immediately! Stop wasting your time and money at a commercial gym and start taking control of your fitness journey today! Stop by any of our regularly scheduled classes to start your free week trial, or email us/check out our website for more information about everything USA!

Paving the way to a healthier, happier, lifestlye

Weekend for a Cause at Uncle Sam Athletics and The Bombers Bunker

Murray family weekend (1).png

Our thoughts and prayers go out to the Murray family, one of our Bombers Baseball families, who lost their home and all personal belongings last night to a fire only a few blocks from our location. D’Vante Murray and Shawnte Williams are current Bombers players on our 15u and 11u teams, and Demitri Murray was the very first D1 commit from the Bombers in 2017(currently at Iona College). We are grateful that nobody was injured in the fire, but are seeking support for the Murray family to help them get back on their feet. This weekend we will be hosting two Workouts at Uncle Sam Athletic at 9am on Saturday and Sunday, where we’ll be accepting donations to benefit the Murray family. We will also be hosting Baseball Clinics on Sunday at 10am and 12:30pm, for $50/player, which will all also go to the Murray family. In addition, cash donations and checks made out to “Michelle Murray” will be accepted at The Bunker and Uncle Sam Athletics all week long. With Thanksgiving only two weeks away, and Christmas just a month later, we hope that all Bombers and Uncle Sam Athletics Athletes, Friends, and Family will open their hearts to support our Bomber's Brothers this weekend. Thank you.

Facebook Challenge Scoreboard

Here’s the full October Facebook Challenge leaderboard including bonus points from Saturday! Two days left to earn points, first place gets a $50 prepaid VISA gift card and the top 3 finishers get a dry-fit Uncle Sam Athletics t-shirt! -
Earn points by checking in at Uncle Sam Athletics on Facebook(1 point), sharing one of our posts or creating a post about Uncle Sam Athletics (2 points), or by leaving a review of Uncle Sam Athletics on Facebook or Google Maps (5 points each, 10 max)
Want more bonus points? Wear a costume to class on Halloween for 5 bonus points! *costume must be safe to workout in or must bring a change of clothes to workout*
Good luck!

Earn Bonus Points this weekend for the October Facebook Challenge!

Facebook Challenge Leaderboard week 3.5 (1).png

Here’s the October Facebook Challenge leader board as of right now! Want to get back into the top 3 to win?? Attendance at our first Workout for a Cause this Saturday(10/27) at 9:00am will be worth 10 Bonus Points! Must be a member of USA to earn points for the Facebook Challenge on Saturday. All proceeds raised this weekend will go toward supporting STRIDE Adaptive Sports, a nonprofit organization that provides over 8,000 adaptive sport and recreation lessons each year to individuals with disabilities, focusing on youth and wounded warriors. We hope to see you there!

stride workout for a cause instagram.png

Try This!!!

Tight on time or looking for a good finisher for your training session? Try this 5-10min. full-body burner! Give it a shot and comment with how it went! Here’s how it works:

1 Man Maker
Farmer’s walk to other end of gym/room
2 Man Makers
Farmer’s walk to other end of gym/room
3 Man Makers
Farmer’s walk to other end of gym/room
4 Man Makers
Farmer’s walk to other end of gym/room
5 Man Makers
Farmer’s walk to other end of gym/room
4 Man Makers
Farmer’s walk to other end of gym/room
3 Man Makers
…….. Continue back down to finish with 1 Man Maker in the same spot you started.

BUT, there’s a catch! Your hands must remain on the dumbbells the entire workout! What happens if you drop them? Buy back in with a 5 Burpee penalty before finishing the workout, don’t let them drop!

What on earth is a Man Maker???
Start on the dumbbells on the floor and in a pushup position. Complete 1 pushup, followed by 1 Renegade Row on each side. Hop your feet in, then complete 1 DB Clean from the floor, right into an OH Press/Thruster. That’s 1!

Want to Scale it back??
Replace the Man Makers with DB Thrusters, Squats, Pushups, etc. The scaling possibilities are endless with this one!

Good Luck!!!

Free Week Trial at USA!

Complimentary 1 week trial membership!.png

Want an excuse to start reaching your fitness goals? Now you have it! Try Uncle Sam Athletics for a free week of unlimited group classes, then receive 40% off your first months unlimited membership! To get started email us at unclesamathletics@hotmail.com or simply come to one of our classes Monday through Friday at 6:30am, 9:30am, 4:30pm, 5:30pm, and 6:30pm. We also hold free classes to the public on Saturday mornings at 9:00am, and don’t miss our first Workout For a Cause on Saturday, October, 27th at 9:00am, where all proceeds raised will be donated to STRIDE Adaptive Sports. We hope to see you in a class soon!

Athlete Training at Uncle Sam Athletics


Capital Region Athletes! If you want to be elite and continue in your sport after high school you need to be training with a purpose year round! Reach your full potential with USA’s sport-specific athlete training! Email us to schedule your FREE initial movement screen, assessment, and training session. Following your initial assessment, we will build you a personalized training program created based on your goals and needs, and the specific demands of your sport. From the start of each warm-up(pictured above) to the end of each session you will be guided by our professional coaches with an athlete to coach ratio no more than 5:1. Contact us to start preparing for a successful future in sports today!

Get your Lunge on!

We love lunges at USA! here’s a clip of some Overhead Walking Lunges from yesterday. The Lunge is a great exercise for building lower body strength and stability. It will help to correct any imbalances between the sides, and is one of the most “functional” exercises out there! The split stance seen in the lunge has great specificity and carry over to many activities of daily living such as walking, climbing stairs, running, kneeling for work, pushing things, getting on the ground to play with or pick up kids, and more!

Being Active Should be Fun!!!

Going to the gym to train shouldn’t be viewed as a bad thing or a punishment! Reaching your goals starts with a positive mindset! Every day is another opportunity to be better than you were yesterday, take advantage of it. You don’t have to train today, you GET to train today and make progress toward your goals! Approach each day with a positive mindset and make your training fun. Here is an “Ab mat pizza delivery” game we used in our warm-up yesterday at USA, it is a great way to have some fun before your training session while getting warmed up. Each person must hold the bottom of an ab mat like a pizza and try to knock down their opponents ab mats. If you touch your “pizza” with two hands, hug it against your chest(or any other part of your body), or it gets knocked down by another player, you must complete an exercise to buy back into the game. We did 3 90 second rounds yesterday with the buy-ins as follows:

Round 1: 5 Air Squats

Round 2: 5 Pushups

Round 3: 3 Burpees

Try this one out!

Facebook Challenge Leader board week 2!

Facebook Challenge Leaderboard week 2.png

Our October Facebook Challenge is heating up! Great job so far and thank you to all who have been participating! Who’s going to give Liz a run for the money?!?

If you want to start earning points for a chance at the prepaid VISA gift card and/or a Dry-fit USA t-shirt, be sure to add “Franklin Miller” as a friend on Facebook and like the Uncle Sam Athletics Facebook page so we can get the notifications and credit you with your points! Here’s how you can get points:

1 point - Come to class and check-in on Facebook

2 points - Share one of our Facebook Posts or create a post about Uncle Sam Athletics(tag us so we get the notification!)

5 points - Leave a review on the Uncle Sam Athletics Facebook page

5 points - Leave a review on the Uncle Sam Athletics Google/Google Maps page

(maximum 10 points from reviews)

Good Luck!

Shirts and Hats for STRIDE


Our new shirts and hats are in! Here’s the deal with these, every dollar from every sale will be donated to STRIDE Adaptive Sports to go along with our first workout for a cause on October 27th at 9:00am! These are available for anyone who wants to support this great cause, but are only being sold at the gym(no online sales)! Not a member? No problem! Kill two birds with one stone by stopping by to get your shirt or hat, check out the facility, and set up your FREE 1-week trial membership! Supplies with these shirts and hats are limited so get them while they last! Here are the prices:

Short-sleeve cotton shirt - $15

Long-sleeve cotton shirt - $25

Hat(adjustable tuck strap) - $20

Everything we do either helps or hurts us, including what we eat!!

every bite either fights disease or feeds it.jpg

Remember, whether talking about performance OR mitigating chronic disease risk(cancer, CVD/hypertension, diabetes, etc.), what we put into our bodies will dictate what we get out of them! Some foods will be good for performance, yet increase chronic disease risk. Likewise some foods have the potential to decrease risk of disease, but also hinder performance. There are even cases where a food or beverage could decrease risk of one disease while increasing risk for another. Take Alcohol for example, did you know that moderate alcohol consumption(roughly 1 and 2 drinks per day for women and men, respectively) has been shown to decrease CVD(heart disease) risk? Also, contrary to popular belief, any alcohol will have this effect, not just wine. It was previously thought that only wine had this effect due to the grapes used, but research has shown that the alcohol itself is what is helping to mitigate CVD risk. On the other hand, if you look at alcohol consumption and cancer risk, you’ll see a positive linear correlation between the two(as consumption goes up, so does risk).
Moral of the story? MODERATION. Americans are notorious for over-eating, but that’s no surprise if you look at our obesity and chronic disease rates. The best thing we can all do is begin being more conscious of what we are eating and how much. Work toward building a consistent, well-balanced diet by starting with minor changes. Changing everything at once will not be enjoyable for you, and is very hard to maintain. Many who take this approach make no progress at all, or fall off the diet and end up right back where they started. A better approach is to estimate how much of each food group YOU need daily, and make a list of all of the foods in those groups that you ENJOY eating. Start with minor changes, and progress toward bigger ones. For more help determining your personal daily needs, what foods fall under each category, and how much of a specific food is required to meet your needs, check out the free information at choosemyplate.gov.
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