We know it is  very slippery outside our door.  The Landlord is installing an awning over both that door and the garage door.  The one for main door is being installed tomorrow.  We will need to use the door next the garage door while they are working.  So if you come to class and they are working just come over the the other door.  Thank you for your cooperation.  

The showers are scheduled to be done the the 17th.  We will let you all know as it gets closer.  

We want to try out something new.  We would like you to use the whiteboard by the door to sign in when you get to the gym.  Then we would like you to put your times on the board.  This will allow our athletes to see the average times of the day.  You do not need to put down what weight you used or any details, just rx'd or not.  if you don't feel comfortable with this it is not mandatory.  We just didn't have the room on our old whiteboard to do this.  We will still keep track in our WOD book but this will be easier for others to see.  

We would like to start this Monday.  It will take a while for it to become a habit and we will see how it goes.  

The rest of the flooring is being delivered tomorrow (Friday) between 10 and 2.  It is going to be some work to get them rolled out and laid down.  If anyone is available to help, we could start working on them Saturday during open gym hours.