Snatch Seminar

Have you been wondering who the guy in the back lifting is? 

We are excited to announce that we have Ray Brunk, a 3 time regional and 1 time WORLD CHAMPION powerlifter here at Collar City CrossFit.  He has been competing as a USAW Master lifter and won the 2014 USAW Northeastern States Masters overall title.  He came to our gym 1 saturday shortly after we opened here at Ross Tech Park and just asked if he could use our space to lift.  Since then, he has been coming in occasionally on some other saturdays.  Just recently he asked if he could use our space more regularly and possibly offer some seminars in Oly lifting.  We agreed with much enthusiasm.  We are looking forward to the advice and coaching he can provide you with! 

He will be offering the first seminar on Saturday, November 8th from 11am-2pm.  It will be a snatch seminar, limited to 10 athletes at a cost of $30.  We will have a sign up sheet at the front desk.  It will only be offered to CCCF members right now.  If we dont fill the spots up by Thursday, Oct 30th, we will open it up to non-CCCF members.  So, dont hesitate and sign up today! 

Below is Ray's very impressive bio:

   I was only 12 years old when I was introduced to a new television character.  As I watched The Incredible Hulk with complete amazement I could not know  the influence it would have for the rest of my life. Immediately infatuated with strength and fitness, much of my time was spent  in our basement with plastic and concrete weights that were purchased from Sears. I received my first gym membership at thirteen and have never looked back. I enjoyed many sports growing up including but not limited to baseball, football, soccer, boxing, bodybuilding  and martial arts.  My true calling always pulled me back to the allure of strength. I entered my first powerlifting meet in 1987 where I was able to win my class. In 2012 I entered the RPS Fairhaven Championships to end my powerlifting career with my last win . Over 25 years of competition I enjoyed many ups and downs including 18 State, 3 Regional and 1 World Championship title.  
  In 2011 as I sat on the couch contemplating what I would do without the thrill of competition and flipping through the channels of my television I came across coverage of an Olympic weightlifting meet. Suddenly a new fire was ignited. An iron sport that I had not attempted! Over the last 2 years I have learned from a few of the top regional Coaches. I have earned 2 weightlifting certifications and was able to win the 2014 USAW Northeastern States Masters overall title.  I still compete as a USAW Master lifter and enjoy coaching others. My goal is to spread weightlifting and help our great sport to develop our youth to bring back the glory days of our past. The USA has slipped at the global stage and needs both Coach and Athlete involvement to improve. Coaching both fitness enthusiasts and competitors is the most positive avenue for exposure.
Ray Brunk
USA Weightlifting Sport Performance Coach/ Club Coach
President and Head Coach- Albany Strength Weightlifting Club
Basic Olympic Certification- Totten Training Systems
USA Powerlifting State Referee
American Strength Committee (ASC) Certification
USAPL State Bench Press Record
RPS World Squat Record
IPA Bench Press World Record (former)
IPA, APF State Referee