Make Up Class Friday At 6:30PM

With winter coming up, and already having two pretty good winter storms, we would like to go over a few things. One, please think of your own personal safety when thinking about coming to the gym when it is snowing out. We like to see people being dedicated about working out, but we don’t wont to see someone getting in an accident or injured trying to get the gym. Also if you are on your way to the gym in bad weather PLEASE don’t rush. Take your time, if your late its not a big deal. Join class where ever it is at or we will come up with something different for you. Second, we don’t like canceling classes. The reason we end up canceling a class is to look after your safety and the coaches safety. There are two open gyms on the weekend to make up a missed workout. One Saturday (9-12) and one Sunday (9-10). 


Coach Kyle is going to offer an express 6:30 PM class tomorrow (Friday 12/12/14) in make up of the cancelled class on Wednesday. It will be from 6:30-7:00 and it will be Wednesdays workout. If you want to do it send an email to “sign-up” at or sign up in MBO. There has to be more than 4 people signed-up in order for there to be a class.


A couple more things we would like to discuss. Please try to get to class on time. If you are 5 mins late that is fine, but if you are 10-15 mins late you are missing out on part, if not most, of the warm-up and its disruptive to the flow of class. If you do happen to be later than 5 min please get yourself into class as fast as possible. Please don’t take your time getting ready. We don’t want to have to make people do burpees as a penalty for being late….. (this wouldn't apply if it was weather related).


Last thing we would like to go over is doing two workouts in one day. We love, and don’t mind, that people want to get some extra work in. If you are going to do two workouts in one day please be smart with what you do. Please don’t do the same workout twice in one day. One of your sessions should be the gyms workout and then your other session could be some strength work, rowing, running (Depending on time of the year), or working on a suck (Something you are not good at). If you need help figuring something out to do ask a coach.