Holiday Schedule, Holiday Party & Soul Crusher Saturday

Holiday Schedule:

Wednesday - 12/24 - Open Gym (10-12)
Thursday  12/25 - Closed (Merry Christmas)
Friday  12/26 - Open Gym (10-12)
Saturday  12/27 - Tuesday 12/30 - (Regular Hours)
Wednesday  12/31 - Open Gym (10-12)
Thursday  1/1/15 - Closed (Happy New Year) 
Friday  1/2/15 On - (Regular Hours)

Also the gym is going to be having a holiday party on January 17th at the Shop in down town Troy. It is going to be a cash bar and they also have some great food that you can order. The party is going to start at 5pm and probably end around 8pm. If you are interested in signing up send an email to, sign-up at the front desk or on the Facebook event. 

Last but not least, there is going to be a new workout event during open gym. It is going to be called “Soul Crusher Saturday”. This will start around 10. The workout will be on the longer side (about 20 Min) and a little more challenging than the normal workouts during the week. These workouts will still be scaleable and do able for all skill levels at the gym. Some weeks will be individual workouts and some weeks there may be team workouts. If you are looking for something that will challenge you both physically and mentally this is going to be the workout for you. Looking forward to seeing people take on these “Soul Crushing” workouts!!!! If you have any question talk to coach Kyle G.