Rx'd or Scaled?

Does it really matter?  Did you give it your all?  Then, no it does not matter.  You showed up, and you finished it.  If you don't believe me, then read the following quote from the Journal Menu.com

"Yeah, but I scaled"
Heard so often after a WOD, as if to diminish your successes.
Like your WOD needed some sort of excuse for being more than you could handle today. But it doesn't.
Sure. You scaled.
You also showed up.
And at the end of the day, showing up counts for more than writing Rx'd by your name.

With the last Open WOD announced, we thought this article would be a great read for all of our athletes.  If you didn't participate in the Open this year, we hope that this will give you a little inspiration to participate next year.   Here are just a few highlights:

Most people who sign up for these large-scale events don’t sign up to win. They don’t even sign up to place in the top 100. With no hope of placing near the top, what is the motivation to join in?

You don’t have to sign up for the Open to do each of the five workouts, just like you don’t have to pay money, show up on a certain day, and wait for your assigned starting time to run 5 km.

But as anyone who has participated in a race or a competition knows, it’s not the miles or the amount of weight lifted that makes these races and competitions memorable. It’s coming together with other people and raising the stakes just a little bit; it’s pushing beyond the everyday and finding out what lies within when the gun—or the timer—goes off.

Congratulations to all of our athletes who did participate this year.  YOU all did a great job!  We look forward to at least doubling the amount of athletes signing up next year!  

Andrew S is missing his Rogue jump rope.  It is black with black handles (the ball bearing kind). It used to hang near the door.  If anyone used it and knows where it might be, if you could turn it in to one of the coaches, he would great appreciate it.