A Few Housekeeping Rules

 We don't want to put a sign like this at the front door!

We don't want to put a sign like this at the front door!

So, it has been brought to our attention that the area near the cubby's is starting to give off an offensive odor.  We are asking that you please take your shoes home on the weekends and wash them.  You can let them sit at home with some baking soda in them, and rinse with green tea. We also want to remind you that the lockers in the hallway are bolted in and available for use.  If you would like to leave your shoes overnight, please use a locker.  We would like to keep the cubbies for day use only.  

As we are growing in numbers this month, we are getting much busier.  Our 5:30 class seems to be the busiest time of day right now.  We also have elements scheduled at that time for the next month.   So excited to have so many new athletes coming in to improve their lives and join our community.  With that being said, we need to remind everyone that at 5:30 our class structure needs to be followed.  There is not enough room for athletes to be doing other lifts or skills.  We offer open gym on Saturdays from 9-12.  We are also offering the back room space on Wednesdays and Fridays at 6:30.  If you want to follow your own program or just add to ours these would be the best times to do this.  As always, please check in with the coach.  We will start listing the coaches for class on the whiteboard.

We are so excited to be growing and want everyone to get to know each other better.  We are going to be taking some pictures of everyone and starting a member board.  


Our next group event will be bowling night at Uncle Sam's Lanes, Saturday, April 12th.  Time details will be on the communication board.  Please sign up so we know how many lanes to reserve.