Setting a Goal

It is spring (at least according to the calendar), a time for growth and renewal. We thought this would be a perfect time to remind our athletes about the importance of goal setting.

For me personally, setting goals, and stating them publicly, has always helped me improve. Is there a movement you aren't particularly good at, or maybe don't have at all? Been shying away from handstand push-ups, or always doing singles instead of double-unders? Has your max dead lift been holding steady, but not increasing? Do you avoid pistols at all costs?

The only way to get better at something is to practice and work to improve!

Over the next several weeks, we will be encouraging you to write your name on the white board by the main entrance, and write out, for all to see, a goal you set for yourself. This month, we will focus on body weight movements and gymnastics. Next month, weight movements.

The last time we did this, I noted on the board I wanted to finally get handstand push-ups. Just writing it out did not mean that I magically achieved my goal. I worked on my HSPUs everyday a few minutes before or after class - and just before the end of the month, I got them!

Goal setting works. Give it a try!

We have been welcoming so many so many new members over the past few months, I will say that perhaps just starting CrossFit and coming to class is enough of a goal for you. If that is the case - we applaud you just for that!

- Elizabeth