Achieving YOUR Personal Best

Yesterday was a wonderful day to be a coach here at CCCF. The first part of the WOD was to find a maximum height box jump. I absolutely LOVE watching and encouraging our athletes to challenge themselves, achieving something perhaps they thought at the on-set, they could not achieve.

We had some EXTREMELY high jumps - check out Dan and Andrew jumping 47" inches!!

But I think my favorite part of the day was in seeing some of our newer athletes conquer their fears and jump on much shorter, but equally as challenging boxes. I saw several athletes jump on 20" boxes for the first time ever (I call the 20" box the 'Big Girl Box'). Another athlete, who swore she was too terrified to jump on even our shortest white box, actually worked her way up to two stacked white boxes on top of one another, and confidently jumped up over and over again!

I remember my first Big Girl Box jump - and exactly how I felt when I finally got it. I had been so afraid to even attempt it. It was truly a case of mind over matter. I was so proud of myself afterwards, and I was so proud of everyone yesterday. Every victory, no matter the actual height in inches, is just as impressive. Congratulations to all!