On being new

Everyone was new to CrossFit at some point. For me, that was about 3 1/2 years ago. Being new is not easy - especially if (like me) you were not necessarily an athlete in the past. I had never done ANY weight lifting before, I would never have even thought about doing a pull-up - I had to start from scratch. And it wasn't easy.

We have been welcoming lots of new members lately, at all skill levels. My advice to all of our newbies is to be patient - and to work on all of the things you dread - the things you are not good at. The only way to get better is through practice, repetition, and by asking questions when you are unsure of something. It can be very frustrating to see other athletes in the gym easily performing certain lifts or movements. But remember, even these athletes were new once.

It took me ages to really understand the snatch, and for my body and my brain to link all of the different pieces and parts of the movement together. Ages. And only when I was able to develop a solid foundation of the movement was I able to add weight to my bar. If I had done so too soon, I would have risked injury. Thankfully, none of our coaches let that happen :).

Today our post WOD was to work on a 'suck'. I worked with several members on their snatches, which really brought me back to when I was struggling with the same thing. I highly encourage you, if you are new or not, to continually work on things you are not good at. That is the simple key to progress.