5 Ways to Get "Unstuck"

I heard a member this week talk about how they have reached a plateau, and are having trouble getting past it. This is a problem everyone encounters once in a while - whether it be a rut, a plateau, or maybe have just a loss of inspiration. I found this list of ideas to get jump started from CrossFit Surf City in Orange County CA, and thought it made a good read. I'm saving it up for when I have this baby soon, and need all the help and encouragement I can get to jump back into WODs again! Enjoy!      - Elizabeth

It is easy, no matter what your level is, that as time passes a bit of a rut begins to form.

As you become more invested in your health and fitness, it is not uncommon for that rut to attempt to creep in. This may happen because you don’t want to deviate from what has worked.

If you haven’t had much success chances are you have not given the process enough time to create lasting change. Most people that don’t see results either don’t stick with it long enough or don’t go ALL IN.

Or maybe you are just working really hard and spinning your wheels so much you’ve dug a rut that you can’t get out of on your own.

As the rut gets deeper, many people will stay stuck. But here’s the thing. You don’t have to stay stuck. Here are 5 ways to move out of your rut…

1)      Go back to the basics. A moto I learned being apart of the CrossFit community is “do the common uncommonly well.” This is why we focus so much on the execution of movements, Push ups chest to deck with a full lockout, squats with upright torso/full depth/full extension, and much more. The two biggest reasons for this is 1. Striving for Excellence and 2. Integrity.

If you are stuck go back to the fundamentals. Are you sleeping enough? Eating Lean Meats/Veggies/Little Fruit/Nuts/seeds/little starch/limit sugar? Are you taking time to de-stress in a healthy manner?

2)      Don’t do it alone. When it comes to making a transformation, either physical, mental, or within your sport, you’ll need a support team. You’ll need to declare your intentions to your current friends, family, and other people you associate with. This is a scary process because you are declaring you are committing to playing a bigger game. Surround yourself with people who are truly supportive.

3)      Change Your mind set Part A . If you are looking for the drive-thru window of transformation you need to step back and ask why?  In the first conversation I had with my coach he made it clear we were playing the long game. We were setting me on a path for lasting health and fitness. In other words: longevity.

4)      Change Your mind set Part B Find stories that inspire you. Zig Ziglar said,“People often say motivation doesn’t last. Well, neither does bathing, that’s why we recommend it daily.” This is a great perspective, but how would you go about to stay inspired? In the past I have thought “well I’ll just go looking for inspiration. “ That didn’t work but the more I lived and learned the more I understood. You must give what you need. If you seek love you must give love, If you set out for abundance you must give abundance. So, If you seek inspiration 1st set out to inspire and you’ll be inspired. Case in point, I am more inspired at this moment than when I started writing this post.

5)    Change Your mind set Part C Look at the glass half full.  I always get confused with that one, I guess it’s a matter of perspective and what’s in the glass. Last week, I wrote a blog about needing to get in shape before you get in shape. To me this is looking at what you can’t do instead of looking at what you can do. As the people around me can attest, I don’t like an outlook on life and situations as there is not a way of making progress. There is always a way to make progress. If you powerless or your hands are tied look at what you can do.  Think of it in this manner, If someone was tied to a chair what would most people do? Give up and not try to free themselves? No they would wiggle, move anyway they can in an attempt to free themselves. But picture it again and pay attention in more detail. How much progress do they make when they first start to wiggle? Not much huh? But with each effort, the progress compounds and eventually they can free themselves.

Talk to someone who motivates you. Coaches can not only inspire, but also help keep you accountable. Plus they will help you identify your roadblocks and help you create a plan to move forward quickly.

Whatever you do, don’t stay stuck. Identify the breakdown and create a new possibility.