Double Under’s Double Under’s Double Under’s

For everyone at the gym working on your Double Under’s, you are doing a great job. We love to see everyone trying to challenge themselves and try new things. Keep up the hard work and it will eventually pay off. There was an article that went up on the CrossFit Journal a couple of days ago that explains everything that goes into a successful Double Under. 

    Here are some of the pointers that may help you out.

    1- You want to try and keep your hands in line with your hips and about 4-6 inches away. You should be able to slightly see your hands moving when you are attempting the Double Under’s.

    2- You want to keep your body like a pogo stick. This means you want to keep everything in one straight line. Knees locked out, Butt Tight, Core Tight, Shoulder & Arms Relaxed, Neck & Head In Line With Spine, And Chin Slightly Tucked. Also you want to stay on your toes the whole time. Think of your calves as springs. if you was on your toes they are loaded and ready to spring you back up. If you go to your heals they become soft and makes it harder to jump.

    3- This is one of the most important parts of the whole Double Under. Jumping high with every attempt. This will allow you to keep your body like a pogo stick and keep you from doing the tuck jump in order to complete the double under. Also with the higher jump it will give the rope more time to pass under the feet twice and you wont have to put as much spin into the rope.

    I highly suggest if you have time to read over the article do so. There is some very good information, diagrams, and drills to help you with get and string together Double Under’s. Here is the link to the article ( It is free to view and if the link doesn’t work go to and it is one of the first articles. Hopefully this helps and keep working hard!!!!