Obstacle Course Racing Class

Wednesday, January 6th will be the first OCR training class at 7:30pm.  The first class will be an orientation type class to go over how the workouts will go and set a baseline for each athlete.  These workouts will be longer but with more medium intensity to condition you for a longer obstacle type race.  This class will meet Wednesdays at 7:30pm and Saturdays at 8am.  

We also will be giving away a free Spartan Race entry to one of the athletes in the class!  This has a value of @$130 depending on which race you want to enter.   

You don't have to have competed in an obstacle race, mud run or even a 5k to take this class.  It's designed to get you prepared to run one or you can try it out if you are even just thinking about signing up.  This class will be run by both Ben and Devon who both have a few years of experience and countless races under their belt.  It's a great opportunity to train with like minded (crazy) people.   

It will be on MBO by Wed afternoon so you can sign up or just show up!