Gym Housekeeping

We wanted to write up a quick reminder about general gym rules and a few housekeeping issues that have come up recently.  

1) Equipment:  Gym Equipment may not always look it, but it cost a lot of $$, one barbell is minimum $200.  Please do not drop empty bars and when you unload them don't let the empty end drop on the ground - that's how bars break.  You can easily take the weight off while holding the bar to ensure it doesn't drop and we would greatly appreciate it.  

2)  Be Respectful of other members.  Please don't put your equipment away until everyone is done with the workout.    We have a supportive community so when your done with your workout, cheer on your fellow members, don't rush out on them.   If you see a new person in class - introduce yourself.  You can surely remember the first month you had at the gym and how much easier it is when you see how friendly everyone is!

3)  Be Respectful to coaches and their time.  Please sign up for class, it's simple and easy and you know your coming so sign up.  Our software, Front Desk HQ has a mobile app you can download - do it....IF you don't have a smart phone you can go on the website to sign up and if that doesn't work, email us.  It really helps the coach prepare for class.  With our Yoga classes, the instructor won't be coming if no one is signed up 1 hour before class - they both have a far drive and aren't going to make the trip if no one is here.  When class is over your always more than welcome to stay and stretch or work on something else - but if there is no class after, please check with the coach to make sure they don't have somewhere to be and it's OK that you stay.    

4)  Listen to your coach.  Our coaches have all been doing CF for a very long time and when they advise you on scaling, weight to use, when to rest, when not to rest : )  listen to them - they know what they are talking about!

If you have any questions or concerns about something mentioned or if there is something you want to discuss, feel free to email or talk to Jess or Kyle.