Essential Oils Workshop

We are really excited to announce we will be hosting monthly workshops on a healthier lifestyle and essential oils.  The first workshop will be this Sunday, March 15th at 12:15pm.  We have room for about 15 people and there will be a sign up at the front desk if you are interested.  This is a FREE workshop and we highly recommend attending.  In this introductory workshop you will learn some common uses for oils as well as how to use them to optimize athletic performance.  Both Jess and Kyle have been using them for things like sleep (Jess has gotten Brody to sleep through the night) and for athletic performance and recovery.   More information is below.   





As you may already know, in recent years, there has been a global movement returning to and restoring time-tested natural health & wellness products, practices and protocols with extraordinary results for so many effected by less than optimal health.


Collar City Crossfit is interested in offering FREE WELLNESS WORKSHOPS hosted by the Capital Region Young Living Essential Oil & Natural Wellness Community.


This ever-expanding “Community” exits as a forum to exchange ideas, offer insight, guidance, and support, and share their breadth of knowledge and personal testimonials re: the unlimited therapeutic and beneficial effects of incorporating pure, therapeutic-grade essential oils into our lives – improving our lifestyle and our overall well-being!


This “Community” is for everyone interested in learning more about natural solutions to organic living especially as it pertains to natural healing and personal growth areas such as:   


o   Optimizing Sport Performance;

o   Increasing Energy & Stamina Naturally;

o   Minimizing Rebound Time;

o   Managing Pain & Inflammation Naturally;

o   Balancing Mood (Stress/Anxiety/Depression);

o   Diet, Nutrition, & Weight Management Support;

o   Heart, Respiratory & Immune Health;

o   Insomnia & Irregular Sleeping Patterns