Open Week 5 After Party

This is the last week of the CrossFit Open coming up and on Friday after the workout we are having food catered and brought to the gym from Infinity Cafe. If you are interested in coming we need to know tomorrow (Monday 3/23/15) by noon. That way we can let the Infinity know the exact number of people. You do not have to be competing in the open in order to come and enjoy some of the food. We encourage everyone to come and hang out. Also, the gym will be treating everyone to the food to congratulate everyones hard work over the past 5 weeks.  

The after party will start around 7:30. The party is BYOB and a Potluck as well. So if you would like to bring an appetizer or dessert to share with everyone, that would be great. Again we need to know if you are interested in coming, by tomorrow (Monday 3/23/15) at noon. You can sign-up on the Facebook event page or send an email to

In conclusion the whole gym will be participating in 15.5. Depending on what is announced Thursday night it will either be done individually or as a team workout. Coach Kyle will post the workout after the announcement around 8:30pm. With that said we are going to start heats for people competing in the open at 5:30. If you aren't doing the open there will still be a normal 5:30 class run by Coach Kyle. You can still come in and get your workout in and compete with everyone. If you have any question please ask.