Clean Eating Challenge

With summer fast approaching we are going to be running a six week clean eating nutrition challenge. If you have never done a clean eating challenge before, this will be a nice, quick way to get yourself use to the different way of eating. The following information will describe all aspects of the challenge, the food you can and cannot eat, the point system, and the workouts we will test before and after the challenge.

Staring/Ending Date: Sunday May 3rd – Sunday June 14th
Sign-up Deadline: Friday May 1st
Sign-up Fee: 10 Dollars/Person (Money will be awarded for 1st, 2nd, 3rd)

Logging Your Points: There will be a big board at the gym where you can log all of your points for each day of the week. All points for each week must be logged in by Monday of the following week. You have to log your own points unless you are going on vacation for a whole week. If that’s the case you can email your points to us and we will fill them in for you. If you are going to be away from the gym for a couple days but will be back before the Sunday deadline you are still in-charge of logging your own points.

Points: Each Perfect Day = 0 Points
            Each Cheat Meal = +2 Points

Body Measurements/Pictures: We aren’t requiring measurements and picture but suggest you do. We will do them for you at the gym if you are interested.

Bad Foods: Bread/Pasta/Sugar/Baked Goods/Dairy/White Rice/Brown Rice/Oatmeal/Salad Dressings/Soy/Beans/Vegetable Oil/ Alcohol/Corn/Sugar/Processed Foods

Good Foods: Fruits In Moderation/All Types Of Vegetables/ Raw Nuts/Raw Seeds/All Natural Nut Butters/Lean Meats/Fish/Pork/Turkey/Bacon In Moderation/Turkey Bacon In Moderation/Almond Milk Unsweetened/Coconut Milk Unsweetened/Honey/All Natural Maple Syrup 1TBS Per Serving/ Olive Oil/ Coconut Oil/Avocado/Water/Seltzer/Hot Sauce/Whole Eggs/Egg Whites/Protein Powder After Workouts Only

Testing Workouts:
(1) Strength- 3RM Push Press

(2) WOD- For Time (7 Min Cap)
Hang Power Clean
Lateral Burpees Over Bar
RX - (95/65)
Scaled - (65/35)

Strength Improvement Point(s):
1-5# = 1 Point
6-10# = 2 Points
11-15# = 3 Points
20+# = 4 Points

WOD Improvements Point(s):
1-10 Sec = 1 Point
11-20 Sec = 2 Points
21-30 Sec = 3 Points
31-40 Sec = 4 Points
41-50 Sec = 5 Points
51-60 Sec = 6 Points
1 Min + = 7 Points

Pull-ups -OR- Chest To Bar
Full Range Of Motion Push-ups x 3 Consecutive Reps
Muscle Ups

 Skill Points:
If 1 Rep Achieved = 1 Point
If 2-5 Reps Achieved = 2 Points
If 6-10 Reps Achieved = 3 Points