Justin Coletti Introduction & Demonstration Date

We are excited to announce that Justin Coletti will be offering his services on Monday nights at the gym. Justin Coletti is a New York State licensed acupuncturist and massage therapist. He holds a Masters Degree in Health Science from Pacific College of Oriental Medicine where he majored in Sports and Orthopedic Medicine. He was later also a teaching assistant for Tui Na in the Master’s program. He has since relocated back to Troy after living in Brooklyn, NY where he worked in a community clinic and ran a private practice for over 5 years. He practices Classic Chinese channel palpation and neuromuscular acupuncture to provide treatment for dancers, professional athletes, active individuals and people who suffer from chronic pain. Justin practices Japanese and Russian martial arts and holds a second degree black belt in Aikido. His martial arts practice provides him insight into the preventative and restorative care that’s required for an active lifestyle. Justin has been working with coach Kyle, coach Brenna, and coach Kyle mom for a while. All three have seen huge benefits and improvements in the injuries/problems they were being treated for.

Heres what coach Kyle has to say about Justin’s treatments:

“I started going to Justin in an attempt to get ride of the 6 month long migraine I was having. When I first started I was only getting acupuncture done, but was seeing results within a couple sessions. By the time I was through two weeks of twice a week , my migraine finally started to go away. After about three weeks of just getting acupuncture done Justing started to explore trigger points in my neck and was able to quickly realize that I was in bad shape. He then started to perform his message techniques on my neck from every visit on. My neck was so bad that it took three or four visits to get some trigger points to finally start to loosen up and release. With the use of both acupuncture and message I can finally say I have gotten ride of that nasty 6 month migraine and now live as close to a migraine free life as it will come. I still go and see Justin regularly, especially if I feel like I am going into another rut of headaches, or just to get some preventative work done. Without Justin’s work I’m not sure if I would have been able to naturally get ride of my headaches and keep them under control.” 

Heres what coach Brenna has to say about Justin’s treatments: 

“I first saw Justin for acupuncture this past winter for lingering fatigue that just wouldn't budge. Every few weeks or so I would find myself bedridden for a day or two, feeling like I got hit by a bus. It took everything I had to walk to the store for Kleenex. I felt weak, both in my workouts and in everyday life. I was waking up drenched in sweat. Kyle had mentioned that he had seen Justin for his migraines and I figured why not? What did I have to lose? I have known Justin since freshman year Earth Science at Troy High circa we won't talk about what year that was. I knew he had lived in California and New York City and had studied acupuncture. Turns out he had studied Oriental Medicine with a specialty in Sports and Orthopedic medicine. I wasn't sure what to expect, and still really don't know how to describe my acupuncture experience other than it worked. I would highly recommend it to anyone. The chronic fatigue, night sweats and intermittent illness ceased. I felt more energized and healthier overall. During our acupuncture sessions, Justin had talked about and demonstrated different types of manual bodywork he used to treat soft tissue dysfunction. So I decided to continue seeing Justin for bodywork. From my tight hips to terrible ankles and shins, the treatment has helped me tremendously. I think what I love so much about seeing Justin for treatments, aside from the reminiscing, is the fact that he has a personal understanding of the necessity of restorative bodywork. Active in both Japanese and Russian martial arts, and familiar with Crossfit, Justin understands the toll  extreme activity can take on the body. His knowledge of the human body, musculature, and energy still astounds me. 
Many times the treatments are uncomfortable and have been painful. But the pain is short lived and the ultimate goal is achieved; whether that be pain reduction, increased range of motion, or shorter recovery time. I cannot recommend Justin highly enough as a practitioner and a person. I'm so thankful that he will be joining us here at CCCF.” 

Justin will be at the gym this Saturday at 11:30 to give demonstration on the the type of work he will be offering to everyone at the gym. If you are interested in learning exactly what it is he has to offer come in for the soul crusher workout and then stick around for the demonstration. You will also be able to sign up for an appointment if you would like to.