ABS Class Reminder

Don’t forget Collar City Ahtletics ABS class starts tomorrow, Tuesday July 7th, at 630pm. This is going to be a free class for everyone, including people who are not members of Collar City CrossFit.

 If you are wondering what ABS is, here’s some information about it. ABS stands for Aerobic Beat-Down Session. This class will be about 60 min’s long. 10-15 min’s will be dedicated to a group dynamic warm-up, reviewing and setting up for the workout. Then the remaining time will be spent doing the actual workout. These workouts are going to be primarily body weight movements, but you may see some movements with kettle bells, bumper plates and bands. The workouts will be interval based, where you will be doing some type of work for a predetermined amount of time and then resting for a predetermined amount of time. These workouts will be programed so people of all fitness levels will be able to participate and get a great workout in.

 So if you are interested in trying it out. Come down tomorrow night at 630 an see what ABS is all about!!!