New Yoga Times

We are excited to announce we will now be offering Yoga every Sunday at 11am and Wednesdays at 6:30pm (In the back room/kids room by the showers).  Sunday will be taught by Elizabeth Russell.  She is going to lead a strength based yoga flow class that is geared towards CF'ers.  Kristen teaches on Wednesday night, she has been leading the Sunday class for quite some time.  Both of these classes are going to be "sign up required" which means that if no one is signed up 1 hour prior to the start time of Yoga then the class will be cancelled.  You can email us if you have any issues signing in front desk and we can sign you up.

Here are the bios for both Yoga teachers:

Elizabeth Russell began practicing yoga in 2003. After the birth of her third child in 2012, Liz began studying with two truly inspired teachers that changed the course of her yoga practice and transformed her life. In June 2015 she completed her 200hr training with Raghunath Cappo and Sondra Loring. Liz offers a range of classes to children, adults and seniors. Her style is creative and playful with a strong focus on skillful alignment, breath and intention. Liz has found yoga to be a powerful way to cultivate and embrace love in her life off the mat and is honored to be able to serve and share this beautiful practice in her community.Liz is passionate about enlightening others about the power of yoga while expanding her own personal practice. Liz is technical while being warm and helpful to beginners just discovering yoga and can dial it up a few notches if you are looking for a challenging class with modifications.

Kristen had been practicing yoga since 2006. She was immediately drawn to the physical asana, and the challenging balance of strength and flexibility they require. Since then Kristen has seen and experienced the myriad of other benefits that a yoga practice offers a practitioner, who is willing to take on the challenging prospect of exploring the laboratory of your own body and mind, examining your own preferences, likes, dislikes and habitual responses through movement of the body in asanas. The tools that the yoga practice offers, can be used not just on the mat, but in all interactions. She has experience in various styles of yoga including traditional hatha, vinyasa, forrest, ashtanga and jivamutki. Her teachers continue to inspire her every time she steps on the mat, and it is her hope through teaching that she can inspire others to move toward being the best version of themselves.  She feels that yoga can complement any training regime a student prefers, such as cross fit, and has seen the benefits of her practice cross over into her ice hockey practice.

As you can see both teachers have very impressive bios - make sure to sign up!

If you want to purchase a Yoga only membership we will be selling one for $100 for 10 classes.