#newyearnewyou and Goals - Part 1

Part I - Why - #newyearnewme 

Written by Kristi LaMonica

How many times has everyone seen that hashtag? How long does the sentiment of the hashtag tend to last? Sadly, not long for a lot of people. Many folks either set too many goals at once, or goals that are not attainable in a reasonable amount of time. Chances are that if you’re reading this, you’re already a member of CCA and come to the gym regularly or at least every so often (let’s change that and get you here more often!). Check going to the gym off your #newyearnewme list! You’re already working out, but could your workouts be better? Yes! Setting goals can make your workouts better.

Why set goals?

First off, why should you set goals? Setting goals holds you accountable. If a person sets a goal and makes a plan (we’ll come back to that in part 2!), then they tend to be more accountable. To be even more accountable, it’s even better to share your goal! We do have a lovely goal board for sharing! When you share your goal, not only do you hold yourself more accountable, but your CCA family will hold you accountable as well. How many times have you put off doing something that you know you should have done because no one was holding you to it? Accountability will help you become more regular with your schedule because you have something you want to accomplish and you also don’t want to let your friends down!

accountability meme.jpg

Setting goals also helps give your gym time a purpose. When you don’t have a purpose, it is easier to skip workouts. There are a lot of things that we all want to get better at, but without focus, it’s easy to spin the wheels and not get anywhere. Having a purpose allows you to take charge of your workout. If my goal is to get double unders, it would make sense for me to put more effort into double under attempts instead of using a lot of energy to go RX with the weight. Or if your goal is to go RX more with weights, you may want to skip working on double unders, stick with the singles, and spend more time on the barbell component. But, with no purpose, you may be expending too much energy on everything or not enough on anything. Sharing your goal will also help your coaches coach you better! They can focus their cues and encouragement on helping you reach your goals.

Setting goals and sharing them also provides you with a support network. It’s easier for your CCA cheerleaders to cheer for you if we know what you are working on! All seems reasonable, right? But a lot of us neglect this important component of our workouts!

Come back tomorrow and Saturday for #newyearnewyou and Goals - Part II and III!