Inside Tracker

Looking for a way to find out what you "inner" age is? Looking to find out what you may be deficient in and what food/strategiest you can use to boost those deficiencies? Then Inside Tracker may be for you. Coach Kyle recently sat down with Laura Ligos who is a coach at CrossFit Aevitas and a dietitian that works for Inside Tracker. If you are wondering what inside tracker is, here is some more information.

 InsideTracker is an Ultra Personalized blood testing company that measures biomarkers in your blood, gives you your optimal zones for those biomarkers and recommends changes to make with your diet, exercise, lifestyle and supplementation in order to optimize your overall health. InsideTracker is a food first company and provides support from the beginning and even has an Albany local Dietitian to help you navigate through your results! 

After the meeting with Laura coach Kyle was able to see how beneficial this will be for performance in the gym and how beneficial it will be to make sure you are healthy in order to live a longer and more vibrant life. Himself and possibly his mom will be getting tested very soon to see what they can do to help improve there health and performance in the gym. 

If you would like some more information on Inside Tracker the website is You can also ask coach Kyle any question you would like and he will try to answer to the best of his ability, or you can email Laura your questions. Her email is Laura is also willing to hold a workshop at the gym, to go over how Inside Tracker works and what the benefits are, if people are interested. If you would like us to hold a workshop let coach Kyle know by, emailing us, or comment on the Facebook post.