July 4th and More!!!

This Monday there will be a special 4th of July team workout at the gym. It is going to start around 930. If you plan on coming plan on getting to the gym for 9am to get yourself ready. If you don't have a partner prior to coming we can pair you up with someone when you get to the gym.

Starting next week if anyone is interested in joining Coach Kyle for a longer workout (about 1.5-2hrs) on Monday, Tuesday, and Wednesday please feel free to come in. He will start working out at 2pm. Also on Saturdays if you would like to join both Coach Mike and Coach Kyle for a workout they will be starting around 1115-1130. If you would like to join plan to be at the gym for 1115 and also plan on being their for at least 75 mins. If you have any question let coach Kyle or Mike know.

Keep working hard and push through the workouts. Everyone is doing awesome. Look forward to watching crush workouts in the future.