Kettlebell Class

You asked for it and we are bringing it back!  We had an overwhelming request for KB class in our survey.  We are excited to announce we are starting this class Tuesday, August 2nd at 6:30pm with Colleen. 

Many of you have probably seen Colleen killing it in the back room with her KBs.   

Colleen Dooley is a IKFF Level 1 CKT and an active competitor in Girevoy Sport (Kettlebell Sport), coached by Ken Blackburn. She competes in one-arm long cycle (OALC) and long cycle and has earned the rank of Candidate for Master of Sport (CMS) in OALC and is currently working towards earning Master of Sport. She is excited for the opportunity to share her passion for kettlebells, both sport-style and fitness, with the members of CCA and help each of you adapt the technique to your needs and promises at the very least to help make your kettlebell practice back-pain free. 

We will see how this class goes and hope to add more time options on the future.  The workout each week will be posted along with the workout for Tuesday.