Method to Programming

At Collar City Athletics we offer a variety of classes throughout the week from strength to HIIT to endurance to Kettlebell to yoga.  We follow a 6 week cycle where the body part and focus of the workout is different day to day so you can come every day of the week and not do the same type of workout 2 days in a row.   This allows your body to work different types of movements every day, not over train a specific movement resulting in increased fitness.  Within 1 week there will be 2 strength days, 2 endurance workouts and 3-4 HIIT style workouts.  There is always a core/ab focus at some point in the class whether it is the workout itself or the cool down.  Sometimes the strength workout will come in the form of a longer workout where you are building up over the course of many sets or you might be doing a max effort for 1 rep to test your strength.   Endurance workouts include a variety of body weight and cardio-based movements for a duration of 20 minutes or more.   The high intensity interval workouts include a few movements done at high intensity for shorter periods of time.

One day per week the workout typically involves Kettlebells and either focuses on strength or endurance.   Working out with Kettlebells helps you build and balance your bi-lateral (R&L) strength body as well as improve grip strength, which transfers to barbell and pull-up bar work..

On weekends we offer three types of endurance workouts - the Saturday Grind, 30+ minute workouts involving body weight and strength movements; Obstacle Course Race training, our 90-minute class aimed at building the strength, skill and endurance required for obstacle course events; and Sunday morning strength workouts, which are longer workouts that generally include strength, body weight and cardio components.

By the end of the week at Collar City Athletics, no matter how many days you've come in, you will have worked nearly every part of the body with over 50 exercises, from warm-up to cool-down, through a variety of workouts designed to maximize total-body strength and fitness.