Nutrition Coaching with Jess

I'm excited to finally announce that I am offering Nutrition Coaching.  Nutrition has always been something I have wanted to offer along with fitness classes.  I love training and coaching and helping people realize their fitness potential and adding nutrition into the mix will help you lead a more well-rounded healthier lifestyle.  I've personally tried just about every nutrition plan/diet out there - paleo, zone, macros, carb cycling, etc. and I know there is not a one size fits all plan that works.  Every person has different goals, schedules, lifestyles, habits, strengths, and weaknesses. My plan is to help you come up with an approach to nutrition that will fit into your life and help you get the body you want and are comfortable with. 
I recently finished the Precision Nutrition Certification and have started taking clients.  I'm going to take up to 12 clients for the summer.  I've listed the services I am offering below.  The first 2 plans require a 3 month commitment because it if you are serious about nutrition, it will take dedication and time.  Once you have completed 3 months you can go to a maintenance plan and check in every month.

Consult:  $50
This includes 2 meetings where we will go over your goals and come up with a nutrition plan.
Beginner Package/Total Overhaul: $135 per month for a min. of 3 Months
Fitness Indicator Test (V02Max, Running/Rowing)
Weekly In Person Meetings
Weekly Check-ins Using an app developed for tracking progress

Intermediate Package/Clean-up: $95 per month for a min. of 3 Months
Weekly Check-ins Using an app developed to track progress
Monthly In Person Meeting

Advanced Package/Maintenance:  $50 month to month (available after consult)
Monthly Check-ins using app

Meal Planning Assistance:  $30 per week