Last WOD at 251 River

We will be only having a 7am class and open gym from 11am-1pm tomorrow (Christmas Eve).  We will have a team WOD posted that we will probably start around 11:30.  Sorry for those of you that have to work and cannot make it.  But it is time for us to spend some time with our families.  

There is a lot we want to say and don't have the time to get it all out right now.  Thank you, thank you, thank you, to all our members who have made our time at 251 River St. such an amazing experience.  You have put up with our low ceilings and tried to not drop weight when we got in trouble (okay I'm not actually sure anyone tried too hard ; ), put up with the lousy parking when we first opened.  The list goes on and on.  We wouldn't be moving into a new gym without your dedication and support.  We hope you enjoyed your last class at this gym and we can't wait for you to see what the new year and new space has to bring!  Get ready for a lot of rope climbing!  And not having to duck your head when you do a Muscle Up...and for Jared Bennett - a lot more room to workout.

If you are going to be able to help us out on Friday the plan is to meet at the gym on Friday at noon.  We will break up into 2 groups, a loading and unloading group and get started!  If you are coming later in the afternoon just come to the gym and we can help you figure out where to go.  If there isn't anyone here when you get there call or text one of the numbers on the website.  Saturday we will be meeting at the new space around 10am (will post a more definite time Thursday or Friday) and spend the day setting up!  Sunday we will continue to set up and finish clearing out 251.  Thanks for your help, the more people that help out the sooner the new gym will be set up.

As of right now we plan to open on 12/30 for the 7am class...we can't promise we will be 100% but you will be able to WOD.  Make sure to check the website for updates in case anything changes.

Congratulations Dan Nolan on your first muscle up!  

IMG_5160Dan came in tonight and said, "Well this is my last chance to get a muscle up here, guess I better try."  The next thing, he is up there!  This is actually a picture of muscle up #2!