Next Week

Don't forget we are moving next week!!!  We are counting down the days...Reminder we will be closed from December 25th - December 29th and re-opening on the 30th.

We will be located at 79 102nd Street in Troy, it's in Ross Tech Park.  We will have the whole building to ourselves for now with a huge parking lot and 4 showers!  

Please sign up on the board if you are able to help at all.

Friday we will be starting to move out of our current location at noon, we need people to help load/unload equipment, pack, organize, get lunch : )  You name it we will need help.

Saturday and Sunday we hope to spend the whole day setting up the new gym.

We will provide food and beverages for everyone.

CrossFit Beyond has been generous enough to open their doors to you during the move if you want to get in and workout.  Please check their website for the schedule.

Below is a good instructional video doing the Push Press which will be helpful in Tuesdays WOD.