Why CrossFit?

Why not?

CrossFit is a program designed to increase cardiovascular endurance, accuracy, agility, balance, coordination, flexibility, power, speed, stamina, and strength.  In other words, CrossFit will get you fit.  And you will have fun doing it.  

We offer "personal training in a group setting."  You will receive one on one attention in addition to the camaraderie of working out with a group.  While our classes are hard and can push you past your comfort zone, they are also fun.  Our workouts change every day so they will never seem routine and they are scalable, meaning that no matter your current fitness level, you will be challenged.  

To get started we recommend you join one of our free introductory class.  We offer them on Tuesday nights at 6:30pm.  If this does not fit in your schedule we can work with you to find a time that does.  During this class we will assess your goals, teach you a few basic movements and run you through a short workout.  We will also recommend a membership that is right for you.