Attention Turkey Trot 10 K Runners - the gym will be open from 7:30-7:50am to drop of anything you want and do a quick warm-up.  

5K Runners - we will be meeting at the gym at 9am to warm up together and then walk over to the start line.  If you want to park behind the gym you will probably have to enter from the other side of Front St. because River St. will already be closed. 

We will lock up the gym when we leave and re-open when Heather/Jess are finished running so you can come back in and collect your belongings.  We will close up the gym by 11am to head home so please make sure you get back before then or have someone pick up your keys, ect... Dress warm!  It's predicted to be a cold day.

Schedule this week:

Wednesday - Open with normal class schedule

Thursday - closed 

Friday - Open Gym 9-3pm and closed for the rest of the night.

Saturday - Open Gym


The Victorian Stroll is December 8th and we will have a table upstairs to pass out info for the gym.  If anyone is available to help man the table please let us know, any help is appreciated. 

Below are some videos with good push-up instruction.  We strongly recommend watching them and thinking about your push-up form.  If you are not locking out at the top, maintaining position the entire time and touching your chest to the floor on every rep then your cheating yourself and not improving on gymnastics movements across the board.  Push-ups are a great movement that work almost every muscle in your body...doing them correctly might take you longer but it is worth it to see improvement in your lifts.