Don't Let the Holiday Season Destroy your Body

The Holiday Season is rushing upon us with Halloween next week.  There will be candy and potlucks at the office or school and you think and "it's just 1 day" turns into eating the leftovers the next day and saying "screw it" and binging all weekend.  Next thing you know, it's the week of Thanksgiving and you are feeling OK again and starved yourself for a week so you could eat whatever you wanted Tuesday - Sunday since you have more office parties, family dinners, and nights out with friends you haven't seen.  Any of this sound familiar?  It becomes an mental game we are playing in our mind rather than just enjoying the day or night with friends and not making our bodies pay for it with the extra 8lbs the average person gains from Oct - February. 

What if I told you that you can let goal of that guilt and not gain 8lbs and also not starve yourself?  You can eat 10 mini snickers (which get more mini every year) and not gain from it?  Or you could find ways to beat the temptation of eating wanting those types of snacks.  At Nutrition Sanity, I work with clients to help you come up with a long term nutrition plan that is going to work for you. 

The first thing I do is assess your typical diet to make sure you are eating enough.  99% of the people I have met with are under-eating most days.  Your body craves consistency to help balance it's energy.  Then once we get you set up with some goals and a plan that works for your lifestyle then we start to see progress right away.  Most of the progress we see in the beginning is mental, it's sanity from the crazy diets, cleanses or whatever else you have tried n the past.

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Smoothie Recipe

Once the weekend hits its hard to always get in those important micronutrients (vitamins and minerals) we need to stay healthy.  I always make a smoothie for breakfast on Fridays and Saturdays to ensure I'm starting off the day with a good dose of fruit and veggies.  It also helps me to keep my macro numbers in check with a proportionate breakfast.  I posted the recipe below and you can always add in more protein powder to get your protein numbers up if you struggle hitting protein on the weekends too.

FullSizeRender (2).jpg


1.5 cups raw spinach
1/2 cup berries
1/2 banana
1 Cup Almond Cashew Milk Unsweetened
1 Scoop Protein Powder
2 Tablespoons Ground Flax Seed
Fat: 9g
Protein: 20g


What is willpower?  Do you only have a certain amount of willpower that can be used per day?  per week?  If you have a stressful day at work and had to deal with a boss that took all your willpower to be nice, does that mean you should get ice cream on your way home because you've exhausted that willpower for the day?  If you didn't have that glass of wine with dinner, are you proud of yourself for having the willpower, does that mean that you had a less stressful, relaxing day that didn't use up willpower?  

We use this term a lot and I think it's important to think about what your willpower really is.  We tend to think of it as a resource that can be depleted.  However, it's quite the opposite.   If you start to rephrase the word to things like:
Self Control
Self Discipline
Self Awareness

It might start to feel easier to take control of your "willpower".  

There are days that, without a doubt, are physically, mentally, or emotionally more challenging then others.  You might feel like you are too exhausted and can't bring yourself to cook dinner so you grab fast food but it's not because you have no willpower left, it's because you are too tired to cook and want something easy.  I'm not implying you shouldn't eat the fast food, I want you to understand that you are tired and being aware of that reason is better then blaming it on your willpower.  You might have spent the day running around after your kids and take them to get ice cream and you get one too because you want it, not because you have no willpower.  It's because the ice cream looked good and tastes delicious and you wanted to eat it.  It's healthier to tell yourself that, rather than that you ran out of this willpower that told you to eat the ice cream.   

See, once you start blaming your willpower you stop taking accountability for your actions. This pattern eventually leads you to have feelings of guilt or being mad at yourself that you didn't make a better decision.  It's a bad cycle to get caught up in.  Once you start to become aware of this and that you are 100% in control of your decisions, not your willpower then you can start to develop a healthier relationship with yourself which also leads to your relationship with food.

So, why did I want to write this?  After going through my nutrition certification, learning about different styles of eating, what works, what doesn't, there is one thing that remains constant.  That would be the story we tell ourselves about who we are.  I wanted to get you start thinking about the version you tell yourself and think about how you can start to tell yourself a better story.

This week, when you find yourself in an internal debate with your willpower, stop and think about what you want, not if you have enough willpower to turn it down.
When you are having a bad hour at work or home and you really want a beer/chips/wine/ or whatever it is, ask yourself "Am I going to give into this want and feel worse or am I going to have discipline to make a better decision I can be happy with".  If that leads you to the chips, good for you because you made the decision, not willpower.  If it leads you to put back the wine glass because you don't think you need it, good for you because you made that decision, not willpower.


Introducing Nutrition Sanity Coaching

Nutrition Sanity is a nutrition coaching program designed to help you find a lifestyle plan that fits your needs.  I believe there is not a one size fits all approach to nutrition.  Everybody has different goals and I am here to help you find a plan that is going to work best for you for the long term.  You will get the level of support you need to help you best reach your goals. 


Take a look at the nutrition sanity coaching plans offered below. See Jess Wold for more information or to get started.

Initial Consult to go over goals
Fitness Indicator Test (V02Max, Running/Rowing)
Weekly In-Person Meetings (over the phone if needed)
Weekly Check-ins Using an app developed for tracking progress
24/7 access for questions, concerns, etc.
Cost: $135 per month for a minimum of 3 months

Initial Consult to go over goals
Weekly Check-ins Using an app developed to track progress
Monthly In-Person Meeting to evaluate plan, check goals, make any necessary adjustments
Cost: $95 per month for a minimum of 3 months

Monthly Check-ins using app
Cost: $50 month to month (available after consult)

30-minute Meeting to help you plan a week's worth of meals
Cost: $30 per week

Cost: $50 for a 1 hour meeting and 1 follow up meeting