Don't Let the Holiday Season Destroy your Body

The Holiday Season is rushing upon us with Halloween next week.  There will be candy and potlucks at the office or school and you think and "it's just 1 day" turns into eating the leftovers the next day and saying "screw it" and binging all weekend.  Next thing you know, it's the week of Thanksgiving and you are feeling OK again and starved yourself for a week so you could eat whatever you wanted Tuesday - Sunday since you have more office parties, family dinners, and nights out with friends you haven't seen.  Any of this sound familiar?  It becomes an mental game we are playing in our mind rather than just enjoying the day or night with friends and not making our bodies pay for it with the extra 8lbs the average person gains from Oct - February. 

What if I told you that you can let goal of that guilt and not gain 8lbs and also not starve yourself?  You can eat 10 mini snickers (which get more mini every year) and not gain from it?  Or you could find ways to beat the temptation of eating wanting those types of snacks.  At Nutrition Sanity, I work with clients to help you come up with a long term nutrition plan that is going to work for you. 

The first thing I do is assess your typical diet to make sure you are eating enough.  99% of the people I have met with are under-eating most days.  Your body craves consistency to help balance it's energy.  Then once we get you set up with some goals and a plan that works for your lifestyle then we start to see progress right away.  Most of the progress we see in the beginning is mental, it's sanity from the crazy diets, cleanses or whatever else you have tried n the past.

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