Thursday 12/06/18


Warm Up:
400 m Run/500m Row
Spider lunge w/ hip lift + rotation x 5/side
PVC Step over x 10/side
PVC Step under x 10/side
15 OH Banded Pull Apart
15 Banded OHS

1 RM Snatch

For Time:
10 Squat Snatch (115/75) (L1:75/55)
20 Box Jump Overs (24/20)
30 Pull ups
40 Wall Balls (20/14)
50/40 Cal Row
40 Wall Balls
30 Pull Ups
20 Box Jump Overs
10 Squat Snatch

Foam Roll, Stretch, Lax Ball, etc.

Monday 12/03/18


Warm Up:
200m Row
Quadruped T-spine Rotation x 10/side
Groin Rocker x 10/side
Spider lunge w/ hip lift x 10/side
10 Push Ups
30sec. Handstand Hold
10 Box Jumps

Then Barbell Warm Up with Jerk footwork

1 RM Clean/Clean & Jerk

For Time:
400m Run/500m Row Buy In
5 Rounds:
10 Pistols (L1: Single Leg Squat to Box)
10 HSPU (L1: Pike push up on box or seated DB press)
400m Run/500m Row Cash out

Quadruped Shoulder CARS 2 x 10/side

Monday 11/26/18



Side-lying windmill x 10/side
Spider lunge w/ hip lift x 10/side
Side Lunge x 5/side
Toe touch-Deep Squat w/ OH Reach x 10
Band Shoulder Rolls x 10
Band Pull Apart x 10
Band X Pull Apart x 10
Pushup x 10
Wall ankle mobility x 10/side :

Front Squat 8 x 1 @95-100%+

12 Minute EMOM 
1 Cycle Bear Complex 
(Power Clean + Front Squat + Push Jerk + Back Squat + Behind the Neck Jerk) 
20 Double Unders (L1: 1:1 Singles) 

*Increase in weight
*Score= Highest weight successfully completed

2 x 30-60" Lacrosse Ball Calves, Plantar Fascia, Glutes, Traps, Scaps

Thanksgiving 11/22/18

*Class is at 8:30

Figure 4-Quad Pull-SLRDL x 5/side
Spider lunge w/ hip lift + rotation x 5/side
Deep side lunge x 5/side
Bar step overs x 10
Shoulder + wall taps x 10/side
Reverse Bear Crawl to sprint x 3 x 5yd crawl-10yd sprint

The “Non” Trot
Cash In or Out: 2000 Meter Row
5 Rounds
40 Walking Lunges
20 Push-ups
20 BB Step Ups
KB/DB Snatch (10/10)
10 Burpees
10 Pull-ups
10 Ring Dips

*Many Scaling Options Available