Wednesday - 12/17/14


Bench Press
6 Sets x 2 Reps @ 75-80%
2 Sets x 3 Reps @ 75-80%
* All Sets At Same Weight


3 Rounds For Time (10 Min Time Cap)
7 OHS (135/95)
14 C2B -OR- Regular Pull-Ups
*** This workout is meant to be fast. The weight on the OHS should be challenging but all 7 Reps should be unbroken every set. If 135 or 95 is going to make it more of a strength workout please scale down the weight to something appropriate for yourself. The Pull-ups don't have to be unbroken but you want to have short rest periods in-between the sets. If you don't have C2B Regular pull-ups are fine. You can scale regular pull-ups with bands or ring rows. Again this is supposed to be a quick workout in the 3-7 min range.