Sunday 8/17/14

Herp WOD: “Wingmen”

Teams of two, one person working at a time.

Representing the date 3/2/11:

3 separate AMRAPs with 2 min rest periods at 11 min each.

First AMRAP: In honor of Airman First Class Zachary “Cudde” Cuddeback (Birthday 7/6)
11 minutes of - 7 Power Cleans, and 6 Shoulder to Overhead (155# male/115# female)
- Rest 2 minutes


Second AMRAP: In honor of Senior Airman Nicholas Alden
(Birthday 9/24)
11 minutes of - 9 Pull-ups, and 24 Push-ups
- Rest 2 minutes


Third AMRAP: To give mention to the squadrons they were assigned to. “Cudde” was in the 86th Vehicle Readiness Squadron and Alden was in the 48th Security Forces Squadron
11 minutes of - 86 Double-unders and 48 Air Squats

On March 2, 2011, around 3:20 p.m., a gunman attacked a bus that was parked outside a terminal at Frankfurt Airport in Germany. The individual targeted military personnel who were en-route to Ramstein Air Base. Two US Airmen lost their lives in the attack.

Senior Airman Nicholas Alden, 25, of South Carolina is survived by his wife Trish, daughter Lillian, parents Cathy and James, and siblings Joe, David and Kelseyanne. Airman First Class Zachary Cuddeback, 21, of Virginia is survived by his parents Bob and De Loyet and brother Tim.”