Wednesday 12/2/15

Pre Warm Up:
3 Sets Of
10 Reg Shoulder Roll
10 Reverse Shoulder Roll
5 Bridge Ups

A.) 5 Sets Of:
5-10 Kipping Pull-Up
*Focus On Form And Rhythm
*If You Fall Or Stop Moving End Your Set
*Don’t Jump Up To Make It To 10
7 Sec Chin Over Bar Hold + 5 Sec Negative
7 Sec Ring Row Hold + 5 Sec Negative
w/ 5 Sets x 3 Reps Of Deadlift w/ a 5 Sec Count On The Way Down (No More Than 70% Of 1RM)

B.) "Santa Claus Is Coming To Town"
In Teams Of 3
12 Min AMRAP
90 Step Ups
90 Box Jumps
90 KBS
AMRAP Cals On Rower With Remaining Time