Wednesday 12/9/15

Pre Warm Up
3 Sets of:
10 Reverse Shoulder Rolls
10 Wide Stance Good Mornings
10 Sec Sampson Stretch

A.) Squat Clean
1.1.1 @ 80% Of 1RM
*10 Sec Between Reps
*90 Sec - 2 Mins Between Sets

B.) "Christmas Time Is Here"
EMOM x 12 Min
Min 1: 3 Push Jerks (No Racks)
Min 2: 45 Sec Max Cals On Rower
*Try To Add Weight On The Push Jerks Each Set. But Each Set Must Be Unbroken. Once The Bar Leaves The Ground It Cant Touch Till All 3 Reps Are Completed. You Can Only Rest Over Head.