Friday - 2/13/15


Push Press
5 Sets x 3 Reps
@85-90% Of 3 Rep Max From 1/16/15
Or 80-85%of 1 Rep Max If You Didn't Do 3 Rep Max On 1/16/15


In Teams Of 2
12 Min Clock
25 Shoulder 2 Overhead (75/45)
10 Box Jump Overs (24/20)
20 S2OH (95/65)
10 Box Jumps Overs
15 S2OH (115/75)
10 Box Jumps Overs
10 S2OH
10 Box Jumps Overs
AMRAP S2OH w/ Remaining Time (155/115)
*You and your partner will split up the s2oh reps as you wish (push press, PUSH JERK, or split jerk are acceptable). For the box jumps overs it is 10 for each person, 20 as a group each set. If the weights that are listed look too heavy and need to be scaled that is fine. Just make sure you are some type of weight to the bar for each set.