Wednesday - 5/27/15

Skill: Rowing


Rowling V2 With Burpee Penalty

You Will Be In Groups Of Three
The Object Of This Is To Row 200m On The Dot. After Each Set You Must Do 5 Burpees No Matter What Your Score Is. Then You Must Add On The Number Of Meters You Rowed Under Or Over 200 On To Your Set Of Burpees. For Example If You Rowed 195 You Must Do 10 Burpees After That Row. If You Hit 200 Then You Get A Score Of 0 And Only Have To Do The Required 5 Burpees. If You Happen To Row Anything Over or Under By More Than 10 Meter Just Complete 12 Burpees And Move To The Next Set. 

In Your Groups, The First Person Will Start And Row Then Do There Burpees. As They Are Doing Bureppes Person 2 Will Then Start Their Row and So On Till Each Person Rows 200 Meter 10 Times. If You Hit A 0 In The Last Row You Get To Row Again And Replace Your Highest Score With Whatever You Rowed If It Is Lower. Keep Track Of Your Scores Individually With In You Group. The Person That Wins Gets To Pick A Body Weight Movement And Number of Reps (With In Reason) For The Other Two To Complete.