Tuesday - 9/8/15

A.) 5 Sets Of:
3 Kipping HSPU (Only If You Can Do Strict HSPU To 1 AB Mat Or Less)
-OR- Strict HSPU (No More Than 2 Ab Mats)
-OR- 3 Kick Ups/Negatives
w/ 7-10 Sec Chin Over Bar Hold+3 Sec Pull-up Negative -OR- 7-10 Sec Top Of Ring Row Hold+3 Sec Lower

B.) EMOM x 12 Min
Min 1 - 5-7 Burpees (Pick A Number You Can DO Unbroken And Fast)
Min 2 - 10 Wall Balls + Max Rep Box Jumps With Remaining Time
*Score = Number Of Box Jumps