Friday 10/14/16

Warm Up
3 Sets Of
High Knees (Down And Back) x 3
Spidey Lunge Down
Frankenstein Walk Back
Tempo Push x 6 Reps (3 Down/3 Pause/Explode Up)

Part 1:
Pause Bench Press
6 Sets x 3 Reps with 2 Sec Pause On Chest
*Build As Heavy As You Deem Fit Over Sets

Part 2:
800m Run Easy (~70% Effort)
-200m Walk-
800m Run Moderate (~80% Effort) 
-200m Walk-
800m Run Hard (~90% Effort)
*Scale Runs To Either 600m Or 400m
*Try To Decrease 800m Time By 30 Sec Each Time
*If Rowing Males-750m Row/Females-600m