Thursday 6/2/16

Warm Up:
Pizza Box Game
1 Min On/30 Sec Off x 3 Games
*5 Burpee Penalty

Part 1:
12 Min Row For Max Meters
-2 Min Rest-
Part 2:
EMOM x 12 Min
Min 1: 6-12 Ring Push Ups +3-6 Strict Chin Ups
Min 2: 20-30 Sec HS Hold
* Can Either Kick Up To The Wall Or Do A Wall Walk To Get Into HS Position
*If You Arent Able To Kick Up Or Get You Nose To The Wall Doing A Wall Climb, You Will Hold A Long Pplank For The 20-30 Sec. Long PLank Is Where You Move Your Hands In Front Of Your Head Almost Like You Are Doing A Hollow Rock Hold Flipped Up Side Down.