Saturday 8/6/16

5 Rounds For Time (35 Min Cap)
100m OH Plate Carry/Run (45/25)
10 American KBS*
5 Deck Squat Burpees (No Touch) BJO (20/14) 
100m SA Farmers Carry (Switch Hands At 50m Mark)* 
10 Squat Clean Thrusters (95/65)**
5 Deck Squat Burpees (No Touch) BJO (20/14)

*Same Kettle Bell For Both Swings And Farmers Carry
**On The Squat Clean Thruster Pick A weight That You Will Be Able To Do At Least 5 Reps Unbroken At The Start Of Each Set. This Shouldn't Be A Strength It Is An Endurance Style Workout. You Want To Be Able To Move At A Consistent Pace.