Running Training Program for September 11-17

Tuesday, September 12: 7 miles

  1. start with 1-2 mi easy
  2. 3 x 1600m at tempo, then 4 x 200m fast with 1-3 min easy between each interval
  3. easy finish to 7

Wednesday, September 13: 3 miles

  1. start with 1 mi easy
  2. 6 x 150m fast with a 30 sec recovery jog between each 150
  3. finish with 1 mi easy

Thursday, September 14: 6 miles

Saturday, September 16: 13 miles

Suggested dates will be listed each week; these can be modified to fit your schedule and gym workouts as needed. The plan is designed to build your endurance, however, so try to maintain the order of the training program as best as you can.  


  • tempo = faster than usual, comfortably hard

More info: 

We'll be posting a training schedule weekly targeted at running a half-marathon in early October.  

The first five weeks will be a slow build to the start of the training program, designed to get you used to running multiple days. The actual program starts the week of July 17, culminating in a half-marathon the weekend of October 7/8. The training plan involves two mid-distance runs, a shorter run and a long run each week, with speed and interval work built in. 

The schedule for each week will be posted weekly on Sunday. Talk to Jess Wold or Nash if you have any questions. 

Happy running!