Thursday 10/18/18

lets lift heavy things.jpg


Quadruped T-spine Rotation x 10/side
Hydrant x 10/side
Seated Hip CARS x 10/side

Jumping Jacks x 10
Air Squats x 10
Lateral walks x 10/side
Supine Hip Extension x 10
Clamshells x 10/side

Pull Aparts x 15
OH Pull Aparts x 15
Sword Draws x 10/side
Chest Fly's x 15


A1. Option: Deadlift or Hip Thrust 5 x 4 @ 85-90%
A2. 2KB SLRDL 4 x 6/side

"Well Read Meat Head 10-1 Challege #2"
For Time:
10-1 KB Swings

Time Cap: 10 minutes Time Goal: Sub 6 minutes
*This is a "pick your poison" workout, choose weight and type of swing
*Should be a sprint and done unbroken
B. Hurdle Line to Broad Jump x 10