Wednesday 10/3/18

you can never regret missing a workout if you never miss a workout.jpg


Figure 4-Spider lunge w/ hip lift + rotation x 10/side
Cat Cow x 10
Wall Leg swings (a/p) x 10/side
Wall leg swings(lateral) x 10/side
Squat thrust x 15
Serratus wall slide w/ lift x 10
Pushup x 10
Ring row hold x 30sec.


A1. Bench Press 4 x 5 @83-87%
A2. Pull-up 4 x 5

Complete with a partner:
A: 200m run
B: 100 Air Squats
80 Pull Ups
60 KB Swings
40 Power Cleans (135/95)
20 Wall Walks

*Partners will chip away at repetitions alternating between run and reps. Cannot move on until movement is complete

Recovery work(foam roll, stretch, etc.)