Monday 10/8/18 (Regular hours)

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Enjoy your Columbus day! Business as usual at Uncle Sam Athletics, we hope to see you in class!


Band Leg Swings x 15/side
Band Groin Stretch x 30sec.
Band Glute Stretch w/ T-spine Rotation x 10/side
Band ankle mobility
Jumping Jacks x 10
Air Squats x 10
Supine Hip Extension x 10
Frog Pump x 10
Hip opener x 10
Inchworm w/ pushup x 6

A1. Front Squat 5 x 4 @83-87%
A2. Plate Pushup 4 x 5

3 Rounds Not For Time:
50m R Overhead DB Walk
50m L OH DB Walk
50m Farmer or Front Rack Carry
50m B OH DB Walk

*Rest as needed between rounds
*Pair and alternate with partner as needed
*Record DB weight for score
(This gets really heavy fast!)

B1. 2 DB/KB RFE Split Squat 4 x 4/side
B2. 2 DB/KB SLRDL 4 x 5/side