Tuesday 10/9/18

you can't out train a bad diet.jpg

Want to reach your goals? Ittakes exercise AND a well balanced, nutrient dense diet. Choosing one or the other is like driving with your parking brake on!


Side-lying windmill x 10/side
Spider lunge w/ hip lift + rotation x 5/side
Side Lunge x 5/side
Toe touch-Deep Squat w/ OH Reach x 10
Wall ankle mobility x 10/side
Clean Complex: RDL-Hang Pull-Hang High Pull-Hang Clean x 5


Mobility: Front Rack Mobility

A. Clean Complex x 3 @ 75% : RDL-Hang Pull- 2 Hang Power Clean
B. Power Clean from floor 4 x 4 @ 80-83%

12 Minute AMRAP Ladder:
2 Power Clean (135/95)(L1: 95/65)
2 Toes 2 Bar
2 Box Jump Overs
4 Power Clean
4 T2B
4 Box Jump Overs
6 Power Clean
6 T2B
6 Box Jump Overs

*Continue increasing by 2 reps/round until time cap
C. Standing Pallof Press w/ OH Reach 3 x 10/side