Friday 7/19/2019


A1. Deadlift 5x4@80+% (heavier than last week)
A2. Goblet Side Lunge 2x5/side
A3. Brettzel 3x6/side

12 Minute AMRAP with a Partner
2 Tire Flips
2x10m Banded Sprint or Sled Push
2 Burpees
Then 4,4,4; 6,6,6; 8,8,8; etc...
* 1 partner works, 1 partner rests
* Both partners do all movements
* All movements must be complete before moving to the next number
* Break of movements however you'd like with each number set (2,2,2)

Wall T-Spine Rotaion 3x10/side
Foam Roller T-Spine Extension 3x10